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Goddess Queen Lakshmana | Gopi Doll

Goddess Queen Lakshmana | Gopi Doll

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The Goddess Queens Collection and The Queens of Dwarka by Gopi Dolls

Goddess Queen Lakshmana | Wife of Lord Dwarkadish - (Lord Krishna as the King of Dwarka)

Queen Lakshmana: The Radiant Consort of Dwarkadish 

As the seventh queen of Lord Krishna, Queen Lakshmana graced the opulent palace of Dwarka with her presence. Their union blossomed after a Svayanvara, where Krishna’s prowess and charm won her heart. With grace and elegance, she stepped into her role as the beloved wife of Sri Dwarkadish—the king of Dwarka. The palace walls witnessed their beautiful marriage ceremony, a celebration of divine love and devotion.

Lakshmana’s smile, like moonlight on a tranquil night, illuminated the halls, and her eyes sparkled with unwavering loyalty. She embodied the essence of devotion, standing by Krishna’s side as his cherished queen. Together, they wove a tapestry of love, ruling over Dwarka with grace and wisdom.

Doll description:

OOAK (one of a kind, customised) 12-inch Fashion doll | 1/6 scale | Premium Collector Doll 

Whats included:

1 Brand new doll, Made-to-move 
body (articulated) 

Doll face Repaint - Hand painted Fashion doll face - (painted with professional grade acrylics) and hand-painted hand and decorations (fully
sealed with quality varnish)

body tattoos (not including hand and face) and hair reroot by another doll artist on instagram

Hand-made clothing

- Brand new fabric used for clothing with fasteners (removable) additional outfits may be purchased separately -From a smoke free pet free home

Jewellery: Removable necklaces, belt, earrings, bracelets, bracelet dangles, and head jewellery and choker (not removable, glued with industrial
strength glue)

Custom made art box - Everything comes carefully packaged and presented beautifully

Certificate of Authenticity

1 Doll stand included


Gopi Skirt - 100%Cotton

(exclusive of trims)

Veil - Polyester

Jewellery - Fashion Jewellery metal and fashion crystals (non precious)

Paint: Acrylic and Water colours

Varnish: Mr. Super Clear

Shipping & Returns


Doll is 12 Inches tall

Care Instructions

These dolls are Collector's Edition Premium Gopi Dolls made primarily for display purposes for Adult Doll Collectors. With that in mind, their clothing and accessories are removable, including the the veil which has a hair clip inserted that can be easily removed and clipped back on. In this way, the doll can be fashioned with additional beautiful clothing and accessories in the near future.

Dolls, Clothing, and Accessories are not washable as they may become damaged.

Head jewellery (crown, tiara, tikka) are often not removable as desired. The doll’s accessories are not meant to withstand rough play due to their delicate nature, however, they are also quite sturdy and have been secured with professional grade industrial strength glue.

Gopi Dolls will last throughout the years especially if you have taken the care to display them safely out of the dust, weather, and sun using a doll display case.


Sundari Gopi Dolls can be for anyone who likes them. However, I would use caution when giving them to small children because they have lots of small parts and sharp objects that may come off. So if you do purchase one for your little one just please be careful and supervise their play.

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Gopi Dolls

Gopi Dolls are brand new or vintage Barbie Dolls, Integrity Toys Dolls, or Disney Princess Dolls, etc. that I have removed from their original packaging, along with their factory clothing, accessories, and factory paint. I have then designed and sewn them very unique, and new, original couture Gopi Skirts and accessories. I’ve also given them new life by elaborately painting their faces and body designs by hand. They are regular dolls that I have beautifully transformed into Gopi Dolls. 

These One-of-a-Kind Dolls take me countless hours, days, weeks, months, and even years to make. After many years of careful research and experimentation, I strive to utilise only the highest quality materials possible. Every single doll is unique and original. Every single collective, luxurious, Gopi Doll is made with the utmost love and care, taking into consideration every single delicious detail, to the best of my ability.

Gopi Dolls are inspired from the Vedic Scriptures of the pastimes of Radha and Krishna and the Gopis. Gopi is a sanksrit term meaning "cowherd girl" from the village of Vrindavan as depicted in the Vedic scriptures of Ancient India. The Gopis are the dearest and most intimate friends and lovers of Lord Krishna, The Surpreme Personality of Godhead. So that is the mood that the Gopi Dolls are based on. They have been a source of constant inspiration throughout my life.  I have infused these art dolls with my love of contemporary art and 3D design and combined with my love for Art from the Ancient Vedic Scriptures of India.