Gopi Dolls

Welcome to the world of Gopi Dolls, where beauty, elegance, and enchantment come together in exquisite creations that capture the essence of ancient India. Our dolls are lovingly handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, resulting in One-of-a-Kind (OOAK) masterpieces that are truly unique and magical.


Gopi Dolls Jewellery

Handmade fashion jewellery for 12 Inch Fashion Dolls by Nandini Zaldivar 

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Inspired by the rich heritage and stories of ancient India, our dolls are transformed from ordinary to extraordinary, radiating a sense of awe and fascination. From the intricate clothing and exquisite jewelry to the hand-painted henna designs that adorn their faces and hands, every element is meticulously crafted to bring these Indian Goddess Queens to life.


Hi! Welcome to! I’m Nandini Zaldivar, owner, creator, designer, and sole artist of Gopi Dolls and Nandini Art.