Welcome to the enchanting realm of Gopi Dolls, where imagination and artistry intertwine to create a world of magic and wonder! My name is Nandini Zaldivar, and I am a dreamer, a lover of all things mystical and fantastical. Nestled in the breathtaking Tweed Coast of Australia, I craft exquisite dolls that radiate elegance and charm, inspired by the rich heritage of ancient India.

My journey began in 2006, when my two beautiful daughters sparked my creative spirit and ignited my passion for doll-making. Since then, I have embarked on a captivating quest, transforming ordinary dolls into extraordinary Indian princesses that exude a sense of awe and fascination. Drawing from the tales of ancient India and infusing my love for contemporary artistry, I weave together a tapestry of beauty and wonder in each doll I create.

Every doll is a One-of-a-Kind (OOAK) masterpiece, meticulously crafted with unwavering attention to detail. From their intricate clothing and exquisite jewelry to the hand-painted henna designs that adorn their faces and hands, each element is a testament to my dedication and artistry. I pour my heart and soul into designing every aspect, investing countless hours to capture the essence of each doll and bring her to life through special fashion shoots.

In the world of Gopi Dolls, magic abounds. Each doll is imbued with an unmistakable sense of elegance, carrying the spirit of ancient India with a touch of fantasy. Join me on this captivating journey as we embark on an adventure of creativity and imagination, where colors and textures intertwine to create dolls that are truly extraordinary. Let your imagination soar with Gopi Dolls, where the ordinary is transformed into a world of enchantment that will captivate your heart and inspire your imagination. 




Nandini Zaldivar Iraheta


ABN: 66 442 073 346

NSW, Australia